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About Falconry

Falconry is a sport with a long social and historic background. By definition it is the "art or sport of taking wild quarry in it's natural state or habitat using trained hawks or falcons".

It is thought to have originated in the east, probabbly in Korea, around 2,000 BC., and to have spread throughout China and Japan before spreading westward to Persia and the Arab world with the Mongol hordes of Ghengis Khan. The popularity of falconry, with all of its social implications, then took hold in Medieval Europe with the returning crusaders.

Falconry flourished for centuries until the advent of firearms, especially the fowling piece. It then remained in various states of decline until the emergance of modern falconry, which is now considered the fastest growing country pursuit in Europe and North America.

 Falconry Ireland -
ands on and Photo Friendly

Experience the thrill of watching this most ancient of country sports come alive in the glorious surroundings of the Wicklow Hills.

At Falconry Ireland our focus is to keep the methods and practice of the oldest of field sports alive and to practice the art of Falconry in the traditional manner. We employ techniques that go back hundreds of years together with modern technology and apply up to date ideas on welfare and conservation. Therefore, we are committed to only keeping birds of prey which are kept in a fit condition and are flown and exercised on a regular basis.

Our activities are designed to give our guests an insight into the sport of Falconry, together with the thrill of flying their own hawk in natural surroundings and watching it return to their gloved fist on command.

Visitors will also have the opportunity of bing introduced to many different species of bird of prey used in Falconry and, of course, to take unlimited memorable photographs.

Falconry Ireland is open for private bookings only. Our activities may be purchased online or by telephone. Our minimum age for Programmes 1 to 6 is 14 years. Reasonable mobility is required for all programmes.


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